Kukuzi is a responsible and dedicated family company that produces extra virgin olive oil for almost 100 years using traditional methods. Since 1921 we deal with the cultivation of olive trees, when our great-grandparents planted the first olive trees in Northern Peloponnese. In the course of time, the subsequent generations continued the cultivation and production and developed a very unique cultivation philosophy. For decades, our olive oil has been highly valued as a delicacy in our region, and now, almost one hundred years after the first harvest, it is offered for the first time beyond the borders of  Northern Peloponnese, under the guidance of the great-grandchildren.

The olive trees of ‘Patrinia’ variety, which are found almost exclusively in the territory of Northern Peloponnese, comprise about 4% of the total stock of Greece’s olive trees.

Our olive oil is a 100% varietal product. In addition to the mild fruity aroma and the golden-green colour, our Kukuzi olive oil distinguishes itself by its wholesomeness, because of its extremely low acidity content of less than 0.5%.

We cultivate without pesticides. Our olives are traditionally harvested by hand, without damaging the fruit. Thus, it is a high-quality product that belongs to every upscale cuisine.

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Agias Eirinis 13-15, 15127 Melissia, Athens Greece



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17 February 2020
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