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Producing the finest extra virgin olive oil and making good things happen is what we love doing and we are passionate about it.

Our quality award winning olive oil is made with love and passion. All our efforts are made to share with more people the sensations that high quality extra virgin olive oil has to offer, such as aromas, bitterness and pungent.

We sacrifice quality over quantity in order achieve all the above and moreover preserve the freshness  as well as the nutritional values that Koroneiki variety of Messinia  is well known for.

Olive Oil is the opposite of wine.

The more fresh, the better.

Our standards are very high ,i.e.: Acidity: 0.23% ≤ 0.8%,Peroxide value O2/kg: 4.8 meqO2 ≤ 20,Polyphenols:377 mg/kg.

Olive Oil Stories’ vision is to create a positive social value by producing healthy and sustainable food with the highest            possible nutritional values.

Olive Oil Stories’ mission is to create a sustainable  ecosystem of premium quality food products.

We focus only on high quality extra virgin olive oil which is ideal for raw consumption.

A tool in your kitchen that will add flavour and  upgrade your dishes.

A superfood rich in polyphenols and  vitamins which will satisfy your organism. A gift from nature.

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17 October 2018
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