Stalia – Delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Health, Mediterranean diet, Gastronomy, these concepts go hand in hand with each other – and with olive oil.

Greek olive oil is one of the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Extra virgin olive oil has significant health benefits. It complements any balanced diet, and it tastes delicious.

The Mediterranean diet, famous for its nutritious and well-balanced meals, uses olive oil as its main source of fat (containing monounsaturated fatty acids).

We are a small family business. Our olive oil comes from our very own olive trees. Our land is in Greece, in Western Messenia. That’s where our family has tended the same trees for over seven generations.

Today it’s our turn: two young sisters continuing the family tradition. Using modern and certified methods, we produce olive oil of the highest quality.

It’s our “STALIÁ”, which means, in Greek, a small quantity, or a little drop.

 Try it now

Get a “STALIÁ” of Greece with our olive oil.

Experience its rich flavor and enjoy its exceptional aroma.


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