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Who are we A handful of people passionate about Greek land and its “Unique” products. Our company specializes in searching, packaging and marketing of unique Greek alimentary products. Our company appeals exclusively to markets abroad, having as its aim the promotion and acquaintance of exceptional Greek products to a wider audience.

Why olive oil

We decided that the first product of our product range would be ultra high quality olive oil from our own estates that we keep and care in excellent condition without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and of course without automatic watering.

The estates are located in “Mani”, a region whose geographical location with its ideal altitude and climate and its rich in organoleptic ingredients slopy and rocky terrain, create the ideal conditions for this particular crop.

The olives trees are Koroneiki cultivars and olives are harvested exclusively by hand, placed in crates and not in bags to prevent deterioration during transport and are taken within short time to the olive oil press.

There, they are crushed into a paste which is malaxed (mixed) in a special mixer for 35-40 minutes. Separation of oil with the use of completely COLD water follows and the oil is stored in special stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature until bottling.

Bottling procedure is free of filters presence in order to retain valuable polyphenols in olive oil. This method on one hand results in a reduced production but on the other hand it boosts the quality of oil, which is the primary issue in our case.

Luxury Olive Oil

Minding the details

By taking care of every single detail from the beginning to the end of the process, we managed to create a UNIQUE product that we are proud of, for both its quality and taste.

Therefore its no coincidence the fact that we chose the word OPTIMUM (excellent) for qualifying it, for we trully believe it is not humanly possible to achieve a better product quality. So you, the final recipients, are asked to judge whether we are indeed worthy of your expectations.

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